Notice – Removal of VPN Remote access

For a number of reasons, and the availability of alternative options, we will be discontinuing the remote access VPN service. This means that from June 13th 2020 the grase-conf-openvpn package will not be available, and existing installs will no longer connect to the VPN or be accessible remotely.

Please remove the config package by running:

sudo apt remove --purge grase-conf-openvpn

Alternatives include:

Hopefully, one of these options will give you a better experience and will allow me more time and energy to focus on the core of the GRASE Hotspot instead of support services.

Expired GPG Key

Sometimes we don’t get things done in the timeframe we expect. This can lead to some embarrassing errors. Like when the GPG key for signing the APT repository expirs! Whoops.

If you are getting the following error

W: GPG error: purewhite InRelease: The following signatures were invalid: KEYEXPIRED 1495184631

Then the GPG key you have has expired. But that’s ok, because I’ve extended the expiry, and you just need to run a few commands to get your computer to recognise the new expiry date!

Run the following commands and you’ll be good to go.

sudo cp grase.hotspot.2017.gpg /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/

After running these commands, running “apt-get update” we read the APT repository properly again.

3.8.0 Released

And finally, 3.8.0 is released! Here is a quick run down on what’s new!

Updates should be automatic unless you have disabled automatic updates. Please report all bugs to the mailing list or the bug tracker.

Where to from here?

I have been slowly working on a branch that cleans up lots of the classes, and is working on reimplementing the admin interface (and in the future the captive portal pages) on Symfony. This is going to take a little while, but brings us to the present day in terms of frameworks. It’ll make a huge difference to the speed of development compared to the mishmash of php scripts that is the “Radmin” code. Hopefully it’ll also encourage others to get involved. More details of what the looks like will be coming soon!

3.8.0 RC 1

The next release is almost here! 3.8.0 Release Candidate 1 has been released in to the nightly channel, and the dev channel.
If you are on the stable channel and wish to try the RC on the dev channel, run the following commands

sed -i 's|http://packages|http://dev.packages|' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/grasehotspot.list 
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

Some of the new features to look forward to in 3.8.0 are:

Progressing towards next release

With a burst of energy, I’ve found time again to work on trying to get the work done out as a stable release! Thanks to everyone who is testing the nightly builds.

I’ve also realised that people don’t realise how much you can customise the login screen. Have a look at for some examples! If you have an awesome customised login page, please add a screenshot! I’ve also written some details about how you customise the login screen

Hopefully in the next week or so, I’ll have ironed out all the bugs stopping the release, and we’ll move on to release candidates on the dev channel!

Version 3.8 here we come!

New Repository Signing Key

Whoops. I didn’t catch the fact that the repository signing key was expiring. Normally I publish a new key a few months before the old one expires so that the expiry isn’t noticed. Somehow I missed it this time. For new installs, you don’t need to worry, however for existing installs, you’ll need to follow the below instructions to stop it warning you that it can’t verify the packages.

New key id C830ED66
Key fingerprint = 6199 045D 5D07 3D98 A280 37CA 4315 7839 C830 ED66

To get your computer to accept the new repository

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install grase-repo

It’ll warn you that grase-repo can’t be authenticated, say yes to continue installing
$ sudo apt-get update

Development moved to Github

We are currently in the process of moving development to Github! The main change is from using Bzr for version management, to Git. We’ll also move the issue tracker and wiki from Trac to Github as well to keep the code, issue tracker, and wiki all together!

Hopefully the move to Github will assist with people writing patches, as they can submit merge requests to easily get the changes in, with minimal effort on my behalf working out what’s changed and if it breaks things.

Head to to see the repositories and start contributing! Released

So somehow we missed the 3.7.6 release. And 3.7.7 didn’t make it out of dev as we found some bugs, so here I’ll try and summarise what has changed since 3.7.5!

  • Fixed the 4Gb limit on data limits. This required a whole new module for Freeradius, and we are very grateful to the Yfi Hotcakes project as we used a good portion of their code. See perl_modules for an idea of what code we used.
  • Fixed a security hole that could allow a user who knows the right details to login with no limits
  • Fixed some display bugs due to usernames being case insensitive
  • Fixed bug #93 (as well as other bugs)
  • Added pagination to session monitoring, and by default only show Active sessions (#84, #90)
  • Removed $ values from Data and Time limits (Vouchers will be in next version so you can sell properly instead of just having a price tied to a Mb/Minute value)
  • Allow customisation of Data, Time and Bandwidth options
  • Ability to lock and unlock users (#77)
  • Customise DHCP range (#85)
  • Fix bug #79 which is causing restarts every 5 minutes

Updates should be automatic unless you have disabled automatic updates. Please report all bugs to the mailing list or the bug tracker.